Innovative Plastic Components in Electrical and Electronic Applications

Plastic Components: Special Mounting FeaturesOur new and innovative plastic components are easy to install during manufacturing and very cost-effective. Our plastic solutions can be used to secure various components including but not limited to cables, cable connectors, and PC boards.

Product Line: Fasteners, Clamps, Bushing, Cable Ties, Ducts and Tubes

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America has developed reusable plastic clips with different mounting features to choose from. Two of these mounting features are the Push Type and the Twist Type.

Push Type Snap Mount Advantages:

Push Type Snap Mount Advantages
  • Plug-in mounting in screw hole is available without tool.

  • Clamp porting has locking mechanisms with harness holder.

  • Can be mounted with a standard round hole; no custom shape required.

Twist Type Snap Mount Advantages:

Twist Type Snap Mount Advantages
  • Smaller projection of the mount under the PCB, suitable for installation where space is limited.
  • Easily installed and removed by turning the body; no tool required.