EMC Engineering Seminar

We offer free technical seminars tailored towards product designers and manufacturers based on our 30 years of practical EMC experience. The seminar covers specific tips for EMC solutions using methods such as shielding, grounding and filtering.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. If you want to request a our technical seminar, please apply here.

Fundamentals of EMC

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is concerned with both the process of emission of unintentional electromagnetic energy from electronic equipment and the ability of this equipment to function in the presence of interfering energy (immunity to the electromagnetic environment).

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Shielding Techniques and Compornents

EMI shielding simply separates a key component from outside EMI noise that may be interfering with the performance of the part. This method of solving EMI issues keeps EMI noise out (susceptibility) or in (emissions) and is a very effective method for emission and immunity issues. Overall, enclosures surrounding any part must be complete and without large openings or apertures that may act as slit antennas.
Shielding cans clips, EMI tape, conductive gaskets are common EMI shielding products.

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Grounding Techniques and Compornents

Today’s EMI noise issues are detected at higher frequency ranges, especially 500MHz to higher GHz range with the higher speed-processors and wireless units within the application devices. The limited space applications such as smartphones, cell phones, thin laptops have more internal noise interference between the components or cross-talk issues within the applications. SMT type onboard contacts are EMI noise solutions for higher frequency ranges in combination with shielding or filtering solutions. These cost-effective parts are tiny structures that can fit into small gaps.

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Filtering Techniques with Ferrite Cores

Filtering is an element of EMC design that suppresses conductive noise in conductors such as cables and IC leads. It attenuates or absorbs noise in unnecessary range while allowing only signals at specified necessary frequencies to pass through. Installing the ferrite cores over the affected cables where the current flows increase the impedance and reduce the propagation of noise current due to the magnetization of the ferrite cores. In general, the phenomenon of the magnetization of ferrite cores is the process of converting the noise to negligible heat energy and dissipating it.

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