LOSTMER Sheet: TSEA Series

Ultra-thin, thermally conductive sheet, suitable for devices where clearance is limited.

  • Converts kinetic energy to thermal energy for excellent shock attenuation.
  • Thin profile is useful in limited spaces.
  • Single sided non-adhesive film provides easy assembly.
  • Silicone-free, no siloxane outgassing.
  • Recommended operating temperature: -20 ~ 110⁰C.
LOSTMER Sheet: TSEA Series

Cross-section View

Part NumberThickness
TSEA-0.3F20.3 mm
TSEA-0.5F20.5 mm
TSEA-1.0F21.0 mm
TSEA-2.0F22.0 mm

TSEA-F Series:
One-side Tacky

Cross-section View: TSEA-F - One-side Tacky

TSEA-F2 Series:
Both Side Non-tacky

Cross-section View: TSEA Series - Both Side Non-tacky


PropertyStandardTested TemperatureTSEA
Specific GravityRoom1.54
Hardness (ASKER C)JIS K 62539
Loss FactorJIS K 62511.00
Compression set (%)JIS K 6262100 °C x 22 hr31.3

Time vs Waveform (Attenuation Property)

Time vs Waveform (Attenuation Property)

Impact Drop Test

TSEA Series: Impact Drop Test

Test Method

Test Method: Impact Drop Test

Test Conditions

  • Specimen Size: t=2 mm x 10 mm x 60 mm
  • Object Weight: 5 g
  • Drop Height: 300 mm

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.