Vibration Damping Materials

Vibration dampers and shock absorbers are extremely useful in almost any device. Vibration damping solutions are very common in mobile devices, but if there is a motor or fan, this can also cause audible noise.

To prevent damage to electronic components, KGS’ silicone-free damping materials offer excellent impact buffering and vibration controls. With a wide variety of hardness and options for sheet or injection-molded parts (off-the-shelf and customized shapes), KGS will have a damping material most suited for your design. Selection would be based on available gap space (if applicable), problematic vibration (or audible noise) frequency, operating temperature, size area where the solution will be applied, and weight (if applicable).

KGS also offers specialized damping solutions for areas including fan vibration (fan fixers), microphone vibration (mic holders), hard disks (bushings and bumpers), and motors (sound dampers).

Vibration Damping Material

Silicone-free, injection-molded bushings for use around screws for vibration damping, drop/shock absorption, and audible noise reduction. Special injection-molded damping solutions like snap-in fan holders, corner and edge bumpers for hard disks and fans, microphone noise dampers, and more.

Our vibration damping materials are used as various equipment

KGS America products are used in a wide range of application field.