On‐board Contact for Parallel EMC Grounding: OG-503253-A

SMT grounding contact for engine compartment PCB.

  • Spring mechanism capable of withstanding 10 million deflections caused by engine vibration.
  • Sustained conduction is secured because of unique dimple design.
  • Can be used under high temperature at 150 ºC.

Dimensions (mm)

Dimension: OG-503253-A

Pad and Mask Dimensions (mm)

OG-503253-A: Pad and Mask Dimensions (mm)

Compression Force vs Electric Resistance

OG-503253-A: Compression Force vs Electric Resistance
Part No.OG‐503253‐A

[/fusion_text]Ground clip for SMD
Length5.0 mm
Width3.2 mm
Height*5.25 mm
Recommended Gap3.5 ~ 4.5 mm
Base MaterialBeryllium Copper
Surface TreatmentSn plating, Cu undercoat
Qty per Reel2,000 pcs
Operating Temperature‐40 ~ 150 °C
* Dimple included on the top surface of OG‐503253‐A to maintain metal‐to‐metal connection during vibration.

Heat-shock Test

  • Temperature switch: -40 °C/150 °C (0.5 hour each)
  • Number of cycle: 2000 cycles
  • Metal plate: Aluminum (ADC 12)
  • Test method: Sample is compressed by metal plate while heat is applied.
  • After a set of 250 cycles the DC resistance value is measured.
OG-503253-A: Heat-shock Test

Compression Test

External status
OG-503253-A: Compression Test (Before)
OG-503253-A: Compression Test (After)
Height (mm)5.2635.226
Recovery rate (%)99.7
OG-503253-A: Dimension
  • Deflection: H=3.5 mm ~ 3.9 mm
  • Compression count : 10 million times
  • Compression speed: 100 times/sec
  • Test method: Height measured and visual check after compressed 3.5 mm ~ 3.9 mm deflections for 10 million times.

* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

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