Frame Grounding Guide Rails: FGR Series

Grounding function added to the PC board guide rail.

  • Molded black polycarbonate rail with spherical metal fingers provides simultaneous rigid guiding support and continuity of the ground draining circuit for the P.C. boards.
  • Holds cards firmly on designated positions in the package while the pressure developed by the metal fingers insures constant contact between chassis and the printed circuit for excellent current package.
  • Special spherical profile of the contact fingers prevents any scratching effect on the contact surface of the printed circuit (wiping action).
  • Contact resistance does not vary in the heat cycle test and remains stable under heavy vibration conditions.
  • Easy to assemble and fasten by snap-on rivet or screw mounting and very convenient for fast packaging and servicing operations.
  • Guiding, fastening and grounding of P.C. boards in various single-card or rack-package applications where electrical connection between the circuit on board and the frame (chassis) is required for EMI shielding or ESD suppression.
FGR Series


Dimension: FGR Series

Installation Specifications

Installation Specifications: FGR Series
Part NumberFGR-80WSP
Plastic MaterialPolycarbonate (Black / UL94V-2)
Metal MaterialTin Plated Phosphor Bronze
Metal Thickness0.2
Applicable Board Thickness1.6 ±0.1
Flame ResistanceUL94-V2 (UL94-V0 on request)
* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.