EMI Grounding Components

Our Grounding Components work by capturing EMI signals and eliminating them with proper grounding. Well-designed grounding is an essential part of reducing EMI noise. KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America can support all grounding needs with a variety of grounding components including grounding straps and plastic spacers with metalized areas. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes with different capabilities.

FGC Series

Suitable for contact in large clearance applications. Provides simultaneous fastening and grounding for coaxial and braid-shielded cables.

FGCS Series

Combination of grounding and clamping with the FG series reduces the overall number of components in an application.

FGES Series

EMC grounding function is added to the spacer whose specialty lever system enables easy fixing and removal of PC board.

Frame Grounding Copper Straps: GFGST Series

Low impedance, flat copper grounding strap for excellent EMC grounding. Lightweight, flexible straps allows for easy installation in tight spaces.

FGM Series

Metal mesh employed EMC grounding material. Extra-thin flexible wire mesh allows easy installation in narrow space configurations.

FGR Series

Molded black polycarbonate rail with spherical metal fingers provides simultaneous rigid guiding support and continuity of the ground draining circuit for the PC boards.

FGS Series

Screw free fixing spacer is combined with EMC grounding function. Light-weight PPE resin base provided with a tinned phosphor bronze conductive strip.

HPC Series

Suitable for contact in large clearance applications. Spring design maintains electrical contact after compression. Tall profile fits gap spaces from 10~20 mm.


KGS America’s EMI Grounding Components are used in a wide range of application field