RFID/NFC Flexible Ferrite Sheet: FFSX Series

EMI flexible noise suppression ferrite sheet, engineered for both RFID/NFC and Rezence wireless charging

  • Thin, sintered ferrite with higher loss and more flexibility
  • Excellent performance in suppressing broadband noise
  • Effective for RFID/NFC-to-metal systems at 13.56MHz
  • Increases field strength from Tx to Rx for wireless charging (6.78MHz)
  • No fixture is necessary, adhesive on one side for easy mounting onto chip
Dimension: FFSW/SDK15 Series
Dimension: FFSW/SDK15 Series

A and B: Soft Ferrite, C and D: Mylar PET
1. Mylar PET, 2. Soft Ferrite, 3. Double-sided Adhesive Tape

Part No.FFSX-H
Ferrite Size50 x 60 tile*
PET Film Size51.5 x 61.5
Ferrite Thickness0.1, 0.2, 0.3
PSA Thickness0.03
PET Film Thickness0.08
Total Thickness0.21, 0.31, 0.41
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 ~+85


Permeability: FFSX-H Series

Coupling Loss

Coupling Loss: FFSX-H Series

Coupling Loss Between Antennas

Test Specification

FFSX-H Series: Test Specification


Size (mm)31 x 41
(Inner Diameter)
Number of turns3
Gap between antennas3 mm
Gap to metal plate1 mm

Magnetic Specimen

Size (mm)50 x 60
Number of turns0 mm (Contact)
Thickness (mm)1 mm
FFSX-H: 0.3mm
FFS: 0.3mm
MG-09A: 0.5mm


How to apply FFSX-H for RFID malfunction

How to apply FFSX-H for RFID malfunction

Contact-less IC card system

FFSX-H: Contact-less IC card system

* Unit: mm
* Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

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