RFID / NFC Absorbers

RFID types are specifically designed for RFID applications’ malfunction. These applications require as large amount of magnetic field (u’) to be gathered at 13.56 MHz and other frequencies to enhance the performance of the read range to pick up signals. These absorbers are made with ferrite material that has been specifically designed with low levels of conversion (u”).

FFSX-H Series

Flexible, EMI noise suppression ferrite tiles. Effective reduction in RFID-to-metal interference in systems at 13.56MHz.

MAB Series

EMI flexible noise suppression ferrite sheet covers the low MHz range.

RFID / NFC Absorber: IMRFS Series

High permeability absorber, engineered for both RFID range Improvement and EMI noise reduction.


KGS America’s RFID / NFC Absorbers products are used in a wide range of application field