Wireless Charging Flexible and Rigid Ferrite Sheet: FFSW/SDK Series

Very thin and flexible ferrite tile, ideal for low frequency wireless charging

  • Designed specifically for wireless charging applications
  • Increases field strength of the transmitter and receiver antenna with the addition of this ferrite
  • Magnetic permeability is 1800 at 10kHz
  • Available in flexible (FFSW) or solid (SDK15) forms
  • Custom profile available upon request

Dimension: FFSW/SDK15 Series
Dimension: FFSW/SDK15 Series

A and B: Soft Ferrite, C and D: Mylar PET
1. Mylar PET, 2. Soft Ferrite, 3. Double-sided Adhesive Tape

Part No.FFSWSDK 15
Standard Size50 x 60 tile*50 x 60 tile*
Ferrite Thickness0.10.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
PSA Thickness0.030.03 (optional)
PET Film Thickness0.080.08 (optional)
Total Thickness0.21, 0.31, 0.41Available upon request
Magnetic Permeability (μ’)≥ 380/100 kHz≥ 1200/100 kHz
Saturation Magnetic Flux Density240mT
Curie Temperature≥ 125°C
Volume Resistivity (Ω.cm)106
Operating Temperature (°C)-40 ~+85-40 ~+125**


Properties: FFSW/SDK15 Series


Application: FFSW / SDK15 Series

Charging Efficiency Test

Test Specification

Test Specification: FFSW/SDK15 Series

Measurement Results

Measurement Results: FFSW/SDK15 Series

* Custom size available upon request
** Operating temperature without mylar or adhesive

Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

Advancements in communication technologies have made it possible to transmit more data at high speeds, allowing industrial equipment to perform simple to complex tasks. In addition, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the factory setting is being considered to further improve productivity.