We are global solutions provider of EMC, thermal, vibration, and plastic parts

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers a broad range of the most advanced and sophisticated EMI/RFI shielding components. These products are designed to provide solutions to all EMI/RFI and ESD requirements.

The product lines comprise a wide range of ferrite products for the EMI suppression, cable shielding materials, grounding fasteners and conductive gaskets. Other product line segments include a complete selection of plastic fasteners and hardware for the electronic packaging, optical fiber inspection equipment and thermal management components.

Many of the KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America products in the EMI/ESD range are unique in terms of technical characteristics and quality and were introduced on the market by KG, who registered international patents for these original parts.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) concerns both unintended electromagnetic emission from an electronic equipment as well as the ability of an equipment to function in the presence of electromagnetic interference (immunity).

KGS’ iNARTE certified engineers are ready to help you find the best solution for your project.

EMI Products

As pioneers in ferrite products for impedance, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America has a wide range of ferrite cores for different cable profiles, accommodating multiple turns, and targeting different problematic frequencies.

With increased demands for faster speeds in smaller devices, engineers are facing new and more complex EMC compliance challenges. KGS offers a range of flexible EMI absorbers that can be applied directly at the noise source for EMC suppression.

KGS’ EMI shielding materials include conductive fabric-over-foam (FoF) gaskets, easy-to-use conductive foam (in X, Y, and Z directions), EMI shielding tapes, cable shielding jackets and metal mesh, transparent conductive films, and thin, conductive shielding films.

Good, effective grounding is a cost-effective and essential method to reduce EMI noise at the board, cable, and system levels. The best (ideal) ground is short and wide (such as a 360 degree clamp) as compared to narrow and long (such as a pig-tail wire).

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America’s thermal products come in a variety of different types and sizes. They come in a large range of thermal conductivities from 1.0 W/m*K up to 7.0 W/m*K. Thicknesses are also flexible from 0.25 mm and up. They also use different materials depending on the application’s requirements such as silicone and acrylic rubber. They are available with both sides being self-tacky or one side-tacky. Finally, die cutting is an option available upon request.

Thermal Pad (Thermal Interface Material) is used in a variety of electronic applications and industries including computers, laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones, routers, LEDs, solar, medical device, power supplies, wireless devices, and the automotive industry.

Thermal Pads and TIM Products

Many applications today such as optical, medical, and sensor devices certain requirements preventing them from using silicone based products. To meet these demands, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers a variety of silicone-free thermal pads.

Our IMTH series silicone-based thermal pads are one of our TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) which are one of our most popular thermal management components. They are designed to withstand high temperatures (up to 200°C) and has very low outgassing.

With an increasing number of applications dealing with more than one issue in the same location, our silicone-free dual functioning materials are a cost effective solution for resolving both problems at the same time. For example is EMPV4 (Dual functioning thermal pad and EMI Absorber).

Our Special TIM (Thermal Interface Materials) include our Ceramic Heat Sink and Thermal Heat Spreader. The ceramic heat sink has a greater surface area due to its porous structure which allows for effective dissipation of heat.

Notebook computers, PDAs, car navigation systems, mobile phones, and many other types of electronic equipment are subject to vibration from internal, as well as external sources, such as accidental dropping.

Vibration damping is a crucial requirement for most electronic systems. Vibration is a main source of damage to electronic components and connections. Without adequate vibration damping many, soldered connections can become weakened or severed, connection signals can be diminished and components can be broken beyond repair.

Vibration Damping Material

Vibration damping material in silicone-free sheets, each series designed for specific applications or issues, particular frequency ranges, and operating temperature range.

Silicone-free, injection-molded bushings for use around screws for vibration damping, drop/shock absorption, and audible noise reduction. Special injection-molded damping solutions like snap-in fan holders, corner and edge bumpers for hard disks and fans, microphone noise dampers, and more.

Plastic Components for Electronics Fasteners, Clamps, Bushing, Cable Ties, Ducts and Tubes, Rubber Grommets and many others.

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Plastic Components

KGS America products are used in a wide range of application field