Ferrite Core Selection Guide

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America, Inc. has a wide range of ferrite core products. We offer various types of ferrite cores for different frequency ranges from the lower kHz range to 30 MHz and above. We also offer different form factors from flat cores, round cores, solid cores, and split cores. With this, we can target specific frequencies and fit your specific cable.

For Conducted Disturbance (Power Line Noise) 150 kHz ~

Split Type (Ferrite Clamp Type)Excellent Heat Resistant HousingLow Cut Ferrite Clamp: RFC-MA
Sleeve TypeLow Cut Ferrite Clamp: MRFC
Large Core for Multiple Cable TurnsSleeve Ferrite Clamp: GRFC-13
Sleeve Ferrite Clamp: RFC-H13, RFC-20
Toroidal Ferrite Clamp: GTFC-41-27-16
Solid TypeNon-ferrite MaterialMetal Core: MPTR
“Low Cut Ferrite Core” for Low Frequency RangeToroidal Core: TRCB
Low Cut Core (High μ Type): TRMH
Low Cut Core: TRM
Large Core for Multiple Cable TurnsToroidal Core: GTR-40-27-15
Applicable for Small DevicesGRIP Core: GRIP

For Radiated Noise (Signal Noise) 30 kHz ~

Split Type (Ferrite Clamp Type)Toroidal TypeToroidal Ferrite Clamp: GTFC
Toroidal Ferrite Clamp: GTFCK
Sleeve TypeSleeve Ferrite Clamp: GRFC
For Ribbon Cable, FPC etc.Flat Core: GSSH
Easy Assembly on Ribbon CableBlock Core: BCN
Flexible Ferrite Type with Double-side Adhesive for FPCSmartply (Flexible Ferrite Type): FFPC
Solid TypeToroidal TypeToroidal Core: GTR
Toroidal Core: GTRE
Sleeve TypeSleeve Core: GRI
For Ribbon Cable, FPC etc.FPC Core: GFPC
Easy Assembly on Ribbon CableFlat Core: GSSC