Vibration Damping Material Detail

Vibration Damping Material Detail

Notebook computers, PDAs, car navigation systems, mobile phones, and many other types of electronic equipment are subject to vibration from internal, as well as external sources, such as accidental dropping.

Vibration damping is a crucial requirement for most electronic systems. Vibration is a main source of damage to electronic components and connections. Without adequate vibration damping many, soldered connections can become weakened or severed, connection signals can be diminished and components can be broken beyond repair.

In computer hard disk and other disk writing/reading applications, for example, the lack of proper vibration damping can result in the loss of data, the damage of the disk surface beyond repair and inefficient writing and reading performance.

Mobile phones, because of the frequency with which users drop them, need to handle extreme shock well. Sensitive components in mobile phones need to well protected by vibration damping materials to avoid permanent damage in the inevitable event of a droppage.

KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America offers vibration damping materials and shock absorbing products suitable for particular needs and situations.

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