EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) concerns both unintended electromagnetic emission from an electronic equipment as well as the ability of an equipment to function in the presence of electromagnetic interference (immunity).
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Technical Considerations on EMC EMI Noise Solutions (EMC Countermeasures)

EMI Ferrite Cores

tm ferrite EMC
As pioneers in ferrite products for impedance, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America has a wide range of ferrite cores for different cable profiles, accommodating multiple turns, and targeting different problematic frequencies. While the shape factor of the ferrite (ratio between the ferrite core’s cross-sectional area and ferrite length) is a large factor in the ferrite’s impedance performance, there are many other variables that should be taken into consideration in the selection and testing process (such as the location of the ferrite on the cable, common mode or differential mode noise, and emission/immunity noise).

EMI Absorbers

im tm emi absorbers EMC
With increased demands for faster speeds in smaller devices, engineers are facing new and more complex EMC compliance challenges. KGS offers a range of flexible EMI absorbers (broadband, narrowband, RFID/NFC, low frequency) that can be applied directly at the noise source for EMC suppression.

EMI Shielding

tm emi shielding EMC
KGS’ EMI shielding materials include conductive fabric-over-foam (FoF) gaskets, easy-to-use conductive foam (in X, Y, and Z directions), EMI shielding tapes, cable shielding jackets and metal mesh, transparent conductive films, and thin, conductive shielding films. KGS engineers highly recommend EMC grounding any shielding materials to increase their effectiveness.


tm grounding EMC
Good, effective grounding is a cost-effective and essential method to reduce EMI noise at the board, cable, and system levels. The best (ideal) ground is short and wide (such as a 360 degree clamp) as compared to narrow and long (such as a pig-tail wire). KGS offers many products and ideas to ensure the best grounding methods are utilized in your projects.