EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is concerned with both the process of emission of unintentional electromagnetic energy from an electronic equipment and the ability of this equipment to function in the presence of interfering energy (immunity to the electromagnetic environment).

Technical Considerations on EMC EMI Noise Solutions (EMC Countermeasures)

EMI Ferrite / EMI Ferrite Cores

tm ferrite EMC
As the pioneer of EMI Ferrites products, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES America has wide range of Ferrites core products. Ferrite Cores are important for ensuring strong electronic signals through cables in environments where EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) can be a problem.

EMI Absorbers

im tm emi absorbers EMC
With the demand for faster speeds in more compact products, engineers have come to face new and more EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) related problems. Excessive EMI will not only decrease the performance of components but can also possibly emit harmful waves.

EMI Shielding

tm emi shielding EMC
With the progression of electronic technologies, components in complex systems have become increasingly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Because of this, utilizing EMI Shielding methods and materials is crucial to the safe, reliable and long-lived …


tm grounding EMC
Good grounding is essential for reducing EMI noise at the board level. It is also a more cost effective solution to reduce EMI noise. Grounding technology makes part of a device equipotential with the ground portion or separates a ground portion contaminated with noise from other …